Dear {first name of umpire},

Congratulations - you have now completed the online component of the Cricket Australia Community Officiating Course! Well done, your certificate is attached to this email.

So what's next? It is now time to start umpiring!!

{insert the following text if the umpire has an Australian address} To complete your Community Officiating Accreditation and to receive your Cricket Australia umpire accreditation card, please complete and return the umpire competency checklist that is found at this link {insert link to PDF checklist download}.

{insert the following text if the umpire has an Australian address} If you are not yet involved with a cricket association or club please contact {insert relevant State Umpire Manager email address} for more details about how to get started.

Interested in doing more? Your level of accreditation should reflect the level of competition you are umpiring but there are always ways to develop yourself further. The member website is now your one stop shop for resources and training materials to help you be the best umpire you can be. Please visit the site here {insert link to umpire website logon page} to see what development opportunities await and what other programs are available in your region of Australia.

Congratulations again and thank you for being a part of Australia's favourite sport!

Kind Regards,

Australian Cricket's Match Officials Team

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