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Rules and Regulations

Cricket Australia sets and manages the playing conditions that apply to international and interstate cricket in Australia.

Playing Conditions - International.

  • Carlton Mid ODIs v South Africa [PDF]
  • Carlton Mid ODI Tri-Series [PDF]
  • Commonwealth Bank Test Series v India [PDF]
  • Commonwealth Bank Women's International Series v West Indies [PDF]
  • KFC T20 INTLs v South Africa [PDF]

Playing Conditions - Domestic.

  • Bupa Sheffield Shield [PDF]
  • KFC T20 BBL|04 [PDF]
  • Matador One-Day Cup [PDF]
  • Toyota Futures League [PDF]
  • Women's National Cricket League [PDF]
  • Women's Twenty20 [PDF]

CA Playing Conditions Appendices [PDF]

Regulations and Policies.

  • Cricket Australia Code of Behaviour [PDF]
  • Cricket Australia Code of Behaviour - Report Form [PDF]
  • Cricket Australia Anti-Corruption Code [PDF]
  • Cricket Australia Anti-Doping Policy [PDF]
  • 2014 WADA Prohibited Substances List [PDF]
  • Illicit Substances Rule [PDF]
  • Anti-harassment Policy [PDF]
  • Racial and Religious Vilification Code [PDF]
  • State Equipment and Apparel Guidelines [PDF]
  • PMOA Minimum Standards [PDF]

Cricket Australia Match Paperwork.

  • Match Paperwork for Interstate Competitions [PDF]