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Member Associations

Cricket Australia is made up of six member associations

Cricket Australia is made up of six member associations:

Cricket New South Wales
Queensland Cricket
South Australian Cricket Association
Tasmanian Cricket Association
Cricket Victoria
Western Australian Cricket Association

The Australian Capital Territory Cricket Association and the Northern Territory Cricket Association are non-member associations.

New Governance for Australian Cricket

In August 2012, State Associations voted to replace CA’s state-based Board of 14 Directors with a new, nine-person Board with three independent Directors and one each appointed by the six State Associations.

The resolution was a continuation of the process that started in early 2012 after the review tabled by governance specialists Crawford and Carter recommended Cricket Australia consider a range of changes including moving to a smaller, independent Board.

The six State Association-appointed Directors are: Wally Edwards, John Bannon, David Dilley, Earl Eddings Tony Harrison, and Michael Kasprowicz. The independent Directors are: Jacqueline Hey, David Peever and Kevin Roberts.

The nine Directors making up the new Board took up their new roles at CA’s Annual General Meeting in late October 2012 to serve for three years. The Board will then move progressively to a fully independent Board by 2017.

Each Director will have one vote except in the case of a deadlock in which case the CA Chairman will have a casting vote.

The State Association Members will each have three votes on constitutional issues.

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