A fun skills program for girls & boys aged five to eight. Have fun & make new friends. No experience necessary! Sign up today!

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So what is MILO in2CRICKET?

Perfect for boys & girls aged 5-8 of all abilities

We teach the basics - no skill level required

Run by accredited coaches

8 week program

Sessions last up to 90 minutes

We provide all the equipment

It's safe - we use a harmless rubber ball

Check out what you get!

  • All kids receive a bonus player pack upon registration
  • Plastic bat & soft ball
  • ASICS t-shirt
  • Bucket hat
  • Water bottle
  • MILO satchet
  • Back pack

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Everybody loves in2CRICKET!

Mother of 5yr old Ben

"Benny loves MILO, he's really confident with bat and ball now lorem ipsum."

Cricket is a sport for all!

It’s for girls

5,964 girls participated in season 2017/18

It’s for indigenous Australians

2,131 indigenous Australians participated in season 2017/18

It’s inclusive

908 kids with a disability participated in season 2017/18

It’s for everyone

10,427 kids from a multicultural background participated in season 2017/18

Cricket is a sport for all!

It's for women & girls

24% of cricket participants are women and girls

It's for indigenous Australians

1.6% of registered club cricket participants identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

It's for everyone

24% of registered club cricket participants identify as having one or more parents born overseas

It's for everyone

24% of registered club cricket participants identify as having one or more parents born overseas

Where can I play MILO in2CRICKET?

Simply enter your suburb or postcode to find a MILO in2CRICKET program near you! With over 5,000 local venues delivering the MILO in2CRICKET program, there's bound to be one close by.


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What other kids programs are there?

MILO T20 Blast is super fun, social, safe, active and best of all, it’s cricket and it’s a blast! It gives girls and boys the opportunity to play fun games of cricket in an active and social setting.

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Indoor cricket is for kids of all ages. It is a fun and social way to get active with your friends or family. And with shorter games, it’s now easier to play than ever.

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The recommended retail price for Woolworths Cricket Blast is $99 including GST. Some centres may charge a higher fee to cover any additional costs to the program so prices may vary. Please contact your centre coordinator for further information.
You can register your child online by visiting the Club Finder and searching for your most convenient Junior Blasters centre.
Head to the Club Finder and type in your postcode. You will be directed to a list of your local centres, where you’ll find all the relevant contact details and start times.
An example of what you can expect at a typical Junior Blasters session includes:
  • Fun warm up games and activities
  • Fun activities that teach kids the fundamental skills of cricket including catching, throwing, bowling and batting.
As a guide:
  • The Cricket Blast - Junior Blasters program is for kids new to cricket who want to build their fundamental movement skills. As a guide kids in this program are generally aged 5 to 8.
  • The Cricket Blast - Master Blasters program is for kids who can bowl with a straight arm over 14m. As a guide kids in this program are generally aged 7 – 11.

Find the most suitable program for your child here.
Cricket Australia will only consider a request for refund to the Cricket Blast program in the following circumstances:
  • The request for refund is made 7 days prior to the commencement of the registered program or if the program is cancelled at no fault of the participant;
  • the participant has enrolled in the incorrect level of the program and wishes to transfer to either Junior Blasters or Master Blasters as applicable; or
  • 50% of program sessions are cancelled by the registered Cricket Blast centre due to inclement weather.

Please click here to read the full policy and instructions on how to submit a request or contact the Cricket Blast Helpdesk by email at
Participant packs will be delivered to your nominated home address within 7 – 10 business days.

Proudly supporting the future of cricket